What is the weather during winter months in Turkey?

If you are planning to visit Turkey during winter months, you may wish to pack warm clothes and thick winter jackets. Istanbul’s average temperature in February is around 8degC, and precipitation in this month is just 78mm. The city rarely experiences temperatures below zero, but it is still important to bring a warm, medium coat and portable umbrella. While the weather is generally mild in this month, it can be cool at night.

Temperatures in the eastern parts of the country are extremely cold. In the region of Finike, where temperatures have been measured since 1949, temperatures have reached -43C in winter and 38C in summer. Despite its high altitude, this region of Turkey experiences cold weather in winter and receives just five to six millimetres of rain per month.

The coastal areas of Turkey remain relatively mild during December, while the inland regions remain quite cold. Average temperatures in coastal areas are around 59degF (15degC) while those in inland cities are in the 40s. The probability of significant precipitation in December is 31%, with the highest probability of rain on December 13th.

Turkey Climate zonesWhat is the weather during winter months in Turkey?

Turkey has three climate zones. Winter usually begins in mid-December and ends in mid-March. Conditions can vary greatly from region to region, but in general, temperatures range from mild to snowy, rainy to dry cold. The lowest temperatures occur in the eastern region of the country, and the warmest are found in the Marmara region.