Cheapest Phone Calls From Turkey

Phone calls to Turkey from the US

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With the current rates, making cheap phone calls to Turkey from the US shouldn’t cost you more than a few cents a minute. These rates can be found on both mobiles and landlines. With these rates, calling Turkey from the US is cheaper than using calling cards. If you’re looking for cheap international calls, consider using an app that offers you free credit when you first sign up. Moreover, this app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

With the help of Yolla, you can easily make cheap calls from Turkey to any other country around the world. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you can also get help from Yolla’s support team. Additionally, you can invite friends to use the service, and when they make their first payment, you’ll get $3 free credit.

Traditional landlines and hotel phone systems can be very expensive. To make your calls from Turkey at cheaper rates, give the person you’re calling a local number and tell them to call you back. Most of the time, the phone charge will be lower than the hotel’s rates. Moreover, you can also use Turk Telekom’s phone system, which has pictograph instructions for users. Additionally, you can use credit cards or phone cards to pay for the calls.

International calling cards are also cheaper than regular phone lines. However, these cards require recharging, and can be expensive. However, Ooma Telo offers free international calls. Additionally, you can also make free calls between Ooma, and Ooma to Ooma calls.